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D3 Logic are based in the heart of Belfast. Belfast is one of the UK’s most thriving markets so it made sense for us to use Belfast as our hub and to expand from here. D3 Logic predominantly work within the charity sector, however our skill set with sales development and growth are transferable. Just by watching the news and talking to people around you it is clear that in order for a company to survive and prosper in today’s market place it’s imperative that they can adapt. This is exactly why D3 Logic marketing systems and procedures are flexible and can be modified based on our clients’ needs and what product or service they want us to sell.
D3 Logic is in the customer acquisitions business and as a marketeer you know that there are many ways to promote your brand to encourage sales. The two main forms are direct and indirect and every promotional and advertising medium falls under those two umbrellas. D3 Logic believe that the best way to attain quality long term customers for our clients is through face to face sales and promotional activities.
From the customers perspective
1) Customers have the opportunity to have a one on one chat with the sales advisor about the products or service and make an informed decision having all the relevant information available so easily.
2) They can ask as many questions as they want.
3) The product or service is brought straight to them so this saves them time and hassle trying to source information themselves.
From the clients perspective
1) The advertising message can be changed quickly if necessary. For example if our clients are running a special at a certain time of year it takes just a few minutes to adjust what we communicate with customers. This kind of flexibility is not possible with more expensive mediums like television, radio or print.
2) No risk! Yes you heard us right, there is no risk when it comes to investing in direct sales as a medium. The reason for this is that D3 Logic clients only pay us based on how many customers we gain for them. So if we don’t gain them any then they don’t pay us. Now, that is a risk we are okay to take as we are super confident in our ability to acquire customers for our clients no matter what.
3) National and local distribution. Depending on what our clients’ want will determine our strategy on whether we go national with their brand or decide to keep it local. The key thing to note is that either or is an option and does not cost extra.

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